Highlights of LCA2010 and DrupalSouth

I am still buzzing one week after my happiest linux.conf.au ever, which was followed by the immensely rewarding DrupalSouth; but I go back to work tomorrow, and while I’ll be putting the fruits of the previous weeks to good use, this may be my last chance in a while to reflect on the highlights of the conferences and what they indicate to me about the current state of the free software community.

DrupalSouth 2010 debrief, phase one

I participated in the great geek love-fest that was DrupalSouth Wellington, and the online love-fest on identi.ca and twitter that accompanied it. I think the frenzy reached its greatest heights during Angela Byron’s demonstration of Drupal 7, the upcoming major upgrade with innumerable awesome features and improvements. Some of the geeks who did not attend DrupalSouth were less than enthusiastic about our enthusiasm, and my non-geek friends who were following along on Facebook were very confused.