I’m about to meet a lot of new people in my Information Management course and online, so here’s a bit about myself, 2020 version.

As a young Generation Xer (a ‘Xennial’?) I have grown up with modern society’s transition from lifelong careers to multiple careers. I first enrolled in the Master of Information Management at RMIT in 1999 when I was working as a library officer at the City of Boroondara, but was lured away by a career in public health and research data management. I eventually realised that working solely with science, technology, and data, while motivated by good, was not feeding my literary and humanistic background, so I moved to a data management and web development role with a medical historian and discovered the new field of digital humanities. After a few years I found myself tired of the challenges of working in a technical (‘professional’) role in an academic environment and moved to technology consulting, primarily working in web development, data management, and digital strategy for non-profit organisations and creative individuals.

I’ve burned out multiple times in my career and, while I don’t expect any career change to be a panacea, I’m wagering the next few years or decades of my life on the hope that the GLAMR field in 2020 will provide the intellectual stimulation that will both draw on my technical experience and feed my interests in literature, history, and the humanities. I’m planning to continue reflecting on issues related to my study and work on this blog, on Twitter at @claudinec, and on Mastodon at claudinec@fosstodon.org.