While I continue to reflect on possibilities for long-term career direction, I also need to find small jobs or projects to work on to provide an income. I have reactivated my ABN and am open to suitable contract work. I don’t know exactly what ratio of technical to non-technical work will sustain me in the long term, but I have a variety of skills that I can offer for short-term work.

My past technical roles have been either in web development or in what would now be called data science or data engineering.

Web development: I have built and administered websites in Drupal 7, WordPress, and NationBuilder; written some small custom Drupal modules; and set up or maintained CRM systems in CiviCRM and NationBuilder.

Data: I have studied epidemiology and biostatistics at graduate level, managed medical research databases, and more recently applied my data management background to election campaign systems.

I have most recently been spending a lot of time with R and Python, but can also find my way around Perl and PHP.

If you or someone you know has any work that might suit me, please email me.

I am also considering the possibility of moving into technical writing, and would welcome advice and resources from current or former technical writers.