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Oh hi, it’s been a while.

Customised Covid-19 alerts

Moderating my anxiety with customised Covid-19 alerts

Victorian Covid-19 exposure site highlighter

Run a highlighter of doom over the suburbs near and dear to you

A new introduction for 2020

I’m about to meet a lot of new people in my Information Management course and online, so here’s a bit about myself, 2020 version. As a young Generation Xer (a ‘Xennial’?) I have grown up with modern society’s transition from lifelong careers to multiple careers. I first enrolled in the Master of Information Management at RMIT in 1999 when I was working as a library officer at the City of Boroondara, but was lured away by a career in public health and research data management.


tl;dr: I have withdrawn from my PhD and will start a Master of Information Management in February 2020. From mid-2017 to mid-2018, I was enrolled in a PhD at the University of Divinity, on the topic of queer Christian autobiographies as expressions of practical theology. At the time, it felt like synchronicity. In mid-2017 Australia was in the throes of the marriage equality postal survey and the diversity of Christian perspectives on sexuality was finally becoming more widely known.